My Year With The Tribe

West Papua

If there’s any question, which one is the hardest project we’ve been working on, no doubt we will said “My Year With The Tribe”. A Series, 3 episode documentary, featuring young explorer and writer, William Millard, BBC Presenter and Asa Film friend. Dear Friend.

Who’s going from Asa Film ? Everybody.
Who’s working on it back in the office ? Everybody.

This is, pretty much a year for everybody life. 

And wait for it. There’s a lot that we would like to share.

This project has really interesting aspects, in every angle we’ll see. You named it. The shoot it self takes in the length of a year, a month each. 4 times coming back and forth, with different story in each one.
Will said recently : “I’ve always accepted than when you go into Papua, you can have an idea of what you want to do but it’s going to change “
He was right; everything did change, which affected our daily shooting routine. But it was really exciting.