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Ketapang, Borneo

Asa Film heads back again to the rainforest of Borneo with Black Dot Films, inside the International Animal Rescue Sanctuary that focuses on teaching baby orangutans “to be an orangutan”. Here, a dedicated team of vets teaches the orangutan orphans everything they’ll need to know to one day head out on their own back into the wild.

The filming itself took two weeks and everyone involved in this project was very supportive, from the keeper, vet, communication team, everyone. One problem that we realized for this film is that we are not allowed to be inside the orangutan sanctuary for very long, so we really needed an efficient time schedule. The orangutans are actually trained to NOT get used to humans, so if they become used to people, it would become very dangerous to them when they are eventually released back into the wild.

Photo credit: Vanya Savitri