For nearly two weeks, Shinta helped with both a National Geographic Television crew as well as my Photo Ark project. Her attention to detail and professionalism were simply outstanding, allowing us to add more than a hundred species to the project. Simply put, she is a great producer. In short, Shinta earned my trust, my deep respect, and my business when it comes to producing shoots for the Photo Ark. Whoever hires her and ASA Film will find it to be the best decision they've made in a very long time.

Joel Sartore

Award-winning Photographer, Author, Conservationist

"Shinta is one of the very best. She’s a natural producer, exceptionally skilled at location producing, and would have no trouble putting together a full broadcast programme from scratch – starting with concept and ending with the delivery of the master tape. I'm sure she'd manage it under budget and within deadline. She’s a bundle of organisational energy!"

Simon Reeve

Director Shoot and Scribble Ltd. Writer & Presenter of various BBC TV Series

"Shinta was the fixer for our BBC2 series Hunter of the South Seas, a series about remote communities in the Coral Triangle. Quite simply: we couldn't have made this series without Shinta. Her greatest asset is her ability to think and be one step ahead, she gets stuff done before you've thought of it, allowing you to keep focused on the most important thing, the story. In a small crew in a remote place you also need someone who is easy to get along with... and Shinta is that person. The series has been shortlisted for two Grierson Awards. Shinta should take much credit for this."

Jamie Balment

BBC Commissioner, Series Producer Hunters of The South Seas

I have spent a year working with Shinta and ASA Film on our latest BBC Two project 'My Year with the Tribe' in West Papua, having previously spent two months with her working with both the Bajau people and the Lamalera Whale Hunters for our award-winning BBC series ‘Hunters of the South Seas’. Simply put, Shinta is the best foreign fixer and local Producer I have ever worked with. Her highly organised company ASA Film is filled with competent staff members: highly organised, superb with securing local permissions, permits and bureaucracy, and armed with that rare ability to spot the real stories and characters that make the difference in any film. ASA Film go well above and beyond the normal call of duty, memorably spending two weeks single-handedly running our filming camp in the middle of the Papuan rainforest without and of us even in the country, let alone the district. I would use no one else on shoot in in Indonesia.

William Millard

BBC Presenter, Writer, Adventurer and Angler

"Shinta is the most important person on the shoot. Indonesia's best fixer - super bright and a joy to work with."

Will Lorimer

Director, Hunters of the South Seas, Indus Film - UK

“In August 2017, we employed Asa Film to research, recce and organise a challenging shoot in rural Bali and also in a remote and mountainous region of Sulawesi. As part of an ambitious new documentary series with the award-winning British artist Grayson Perry, we travelled together to spend time with the indigenous Toraja people, experiencing and filming their extraordinary death and funeral rituals. The shoot demanded organisational efficiency, as well as deep cultural sensitivity and understanding. It was an unforgettable and very successful experience. Asa were brilliant, and I would recommend them and would definitely employ them again.” Neil Crombie, Creative Director, Swan Films

Neil Crombie

Creative Director - Swan Films UK

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