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Asa Film is a production company involved in documentary and fiction film. We make inspiring and captivating programming that speaks to large audiences both locally and internationally.

In documentaries we provide services to international broadcasters such as BBC, National Geographic, Discovery World, CBC Canada, SBS Australia and Channel 4 UK. We work with numerous international production houses as fixers, location producers and researchers. We also produce PSA’s and TV programs within Indonesia.

In fiction film we make short films of any genre. Our first short, SOWAN (The Visit), won best film at the Education Film Festival, Jakarta 2014 and Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia 2015. It also received nominations in Festival Film Indonesia and Indonesian Film France Festival 2014.

So, why not sit with us and have a cup of coffee? We can share our stories and, who knows, maybe come up with a brilliant idea... or two!



Why you need a fixer ?  The visa application form requires that you have an Indonesian fixer. During the actual shoot, a good fixer will bring you more than you can wish for. They will take care of everything you need in the field. More than just a translator, a fixer can be a good partner helping to deliver a program that connects everything from A to Z. Bottom line, a fixer makes your life easier. Much easier. 


Film is the most effective way to get your message out to the general public. We keep a lot of stories in our cupboard. If you are a company or an individual with an idea, we can help you turn that idea into reality.


A good film needs a good story and a good story can only be realised through quality research. A great team counts for nothing without good research on the recce/scouting days. Our team is familiar with the remote areas of Indonesia and its people. We can make the right connections and create the bonds that your production team needs to get, the story.


We understand how hard it is when you get back to your country after a month of filming with 1 TB of footage and interviews to be translated and transcribed. Trust our team to do it for you! We speak the languages and we are experienced in interpreting and correlating the story. At the end of the day, a great program is no longer a question.

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Shinta Retnani Founder, Producer, Fixer

Celebrate 10th years of fixing in 2020 as a fixer throughout Indonesia. She can't describe the journey she's been through. So rich, diverse, sometimes dangerous - but very challenging, and always excited her. 

She spent 3.5 months in deep Papuan jungle with the Korowai tribe. One of the places that she will never forget. She's fascinated with Indonesia more and more, especially how this huge archipelago is united by one language Bahasa Indonesia despite all local languages spoken in each places she went.

She gained something special in almost every project. From binman in Jakarta, transgender in Aceh, fisherman/hunters in Flores, to bajau people in Wakatobi. They've become good friends and part of Asa Film family. 

Email : [email protected]

Bobby Prasetyo Founder, Director, Writer

Bobby start his debut with his short films that enliven several film festivals, both in Indonesia and abroad. 

Some short films he worked on, Menuk (2013) got an award for Special Mention Jury Awards in South South Film Festival 2013, Sowan (2014), for the best Short Film at theIndonesian Film Festival, Indonesian France Film Festival and KTP ( 2016) received awards as Best Short Film at the Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia. 

In 2018, Bobby made his debut for his first feature film titled “Bunda, Cinta dua Kodi “ and get nomination as a young director in Piala Maya 2019

You can reach Bobby through his email : [email protected]

Merio Falindra Production Manager

Merio has interest in film since he was 5 years old with his first film, Robocop. 2008 he met KINOKI, an independent film screening and working on film archiving. After that he involve in some of the documentary production as a research and production assistant. Moving to Bali 2014, involve in marine based NGO and work a lot in the east of Indonesia as facilitator for economic and biological research development until 2016.

Asa Film is family.

Email: [email protected]

Asa Nadia Retnandita Production Coordinator

Asa is ambitious and talented with an intuition for business well beyond her years. With her calmness, she's the one in the team that can makes everyone in-line, when we have deadline and hectic day. 

She's really good to put everything on the budget, and strict to the line. Someone we need, when everybody has to focus on filming. She began to go out on productions and recce, even though she hates to be in the sun! "I began to love meet new people and get's everything done!"

Email : [email protected]

Vanya Safitri Field Producer
Simon Widy Lead Editor
Gusti Ayu Ismayanti Content and Social Media Manager
Kelvin Morris Videographer, Editor

Kelvin join us mid 2019, not long ago, but he already explore some interesting places in Indonesia. On his first 6 months, he went to 3 different Indonesian indigenous people in 3 diff islands! Torajan in Sulawesi, Orang Rimba in Jambi Province in Sumatra, and Lamaleran in Flores. 

He loves documentary and untold stories, that makes him develop an interest in visual storytelling. Love to be outdoors, young and talented Kelvin always striving to always learn more and more. 

Be careful if you talked an idea around Kelvin, he’ll give you more than what you expected, more brilliant ideas and then keen to make it happened on the field.

email : [email protected]


Kayu, it’s like a gift for Asa Film. 

Come to us one morning in the office porch. Frightened, skinny and innocent. Now he becomes the most important part in our office, even though he loves to show off to friends who visit, and eat everything!

He is so silly and will cheer us up when we caught up with intense work ( or simply makes us more stressed!) - Kayu is family!