Hunters of the South Seas - Bajau

Wakatobi, Sulawesi Indonesia

A young and talented presenter, William Millard, visited a Sampela Bajau village in south east Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Will lived with Kabei, a forty year old Bajau man, and his family.  He developed a real relationship with the entire family, forging a special bond with Lobo, their ten year old first son.  

The Indus film crew is one of the best crews I've ever worked with. The Director, Will Lorimer is talented in so many areas and I gained so much from watching him operate. Will Millard was able to speak Indonesian, helping to bridge the communication gap between presenter and correspondent. He really made the shooting days easy and FUN. 

Sama Bajau is what they call themselves. They are located ten minutes by speedboat from Kaludupa Island in Wakatobi, Sulawesi.  They have a simple life and are a joy to meet. You will certainly think twice about returning home after spending time with the Bajau people. For me, I met Richardo a four year old boy who was an incredible swimmer. He is the next generation of the great free divers. He is my hero.