1000 days for the planet - Gibbon Rescue

Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia

The crew of 1000 Days for the Planet touches down on the island of Borneo, the fourth largest island on earth. We're searching for the story of the gibbon. We know them by their song which has become the anthem of the forest. 
Gibbons live in tropical and subtropical rainforest, of course this includes Indonesia. Unfortunately, Indonesia's rapid deforestation is the fastest in the world.

One of the unique things about gibbons is their aggression toward each other. If two adults are caged together they will fight, unlike the orangutan which can tolerate five to ten others without an attack. On the morning of the shoot, we can hear them singing deep in the rainforest, not something you hear in everyday life. 
We also fly to another island in Sumatra to visit another location of the rehabilitation centre.  
Getting to know the story of gibbon makes us believe that deforestation has many victims.